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2019 : Romantic Danube - Nuremberg to Budapest

Sail to charming cities & villages

Visit Budapest's Castle District and cross the famous Chain Bridge. Explore Gottweig Abbey, one of Austria's most revered monastic centers, and make dumplings with Wachau Valley apricots. See Europe's largest pipe organ in Passau, or travel to Salzburg. Celebrate Vienna's musical heritage at a concert featuring works by Mozart and Strauss. With medieval towns, grand cities and stunning scenery, this 8-day journey on the "Blue Danube" is one you are sure to love.

Day by Day

Day 1 - Nuremberg, Germany

One of Germany's most renowned and intriguing cities, Nuremberg is surrounded by 13th-century walls that have many fully intact gates and watchtowers.

Day 2 - Nuremberg, Germany

A center of Bavarian culture, Nuremberg is filled with traditional half-timbered houses, Gothic churches and World War II history.

Day 3 - Regensburg, Germany

Having escaped major damage during World War II, the picturesque town of Regensburg is one of Europe's best preserved medieval cities and the oldest city along the Danube.

Day 4 - Passau, Germany

Set at the confluence of the Inn, Ilz and Danube Rivers, enchanting Passau is home to elegant colored buildings and graceful arcades.

Day 5 - Krems, Austria

One of the crown jewels of the Wachau Valley is the splendid Benedictine Abbey of Gottweig, a working monastery for more than 900 years.

Day 6 - Vienna, Austria

The capital city of Austria, Vienna is filled with green parks, upscale stores, theaters and gracious boulevards.

Day 7 - Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is aptly called "Paris of the East" for its beautiful evening illumination and reflected lights in the Danube's waters.

Day 8 - Budapest, Hungary

Riverside beauty, a vibrant cultural scene and elegant Art Nouveau architecture converge in Budapest.

Viking Inclusive Value

Your included features and services:

  • 6 included shore excursions with local guide & headset
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary beer, wine & soft drinks with onboard lunch & dinner
  • Multiple dining venues with open seating
  • 24/7 specialty coffees, teas & bottled water
  • Aquavit Terrace and the most al fresco dining on Europe's Rivers
  • All port taxes and fees
  • Airport transfers on date of embarkation/disembarkation with Viking Air program

    Your experience:

  • 8-days; 3 countries; 6 ports
  • Visit 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Culture Curriculum: enjoy musical entertainment highlighting Austrian & Hungarian classics; attend lectures on the European Union, Viennese coffeehouses & Mozart; learn how to make your own apple strudel
  • Onboard meals featuring regional specialties & always available American classics
  • Welcome Cocktail Reception & Farewell Dinner
  • Organic herb garden
  • Open-air walking track
  • 24/7 Guest Services for special requests

    Your stateroom:

  • Riverview stateroom
  • Room steward & twice daily housekeeping service
  • Hotel-style bed with optional twin-bed configuration; luxury linens & pillows
  • 40" flat-screen LCD TV & complimentary Movies on Demand
  • Refrigerator, security safe, hair dryer
  • 110/220 volt outlets & USB port
  • Heated bathroom floor & anti-fog mirrors
  • Glass-enclosed shower
  • Premium Freyja toiletries, bathrobe & slippers (upon request)
  • Call (407) 648-4995 for more information or to book today! Mention code 13764275

    Cruise Line
    Viking River Cruises
    Offer valid through 3/31/2018
    8 Days
    Cruise Ship
    Viking Atla

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    Day 1Nuremberg  
    Day 2Nuremberg  
    Day 3Regensburg  
    Day 4Passau  
    Day 5Krems  
    Day 6Vienna  
    Day 7Budapest  
    Day 8Budapest  

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    DateDescriptionPrice FromQuote
    April 21, 2019Category F$2,749.00* (USD)Quote
    April 21, 2019Category E$2,849.00* (USD)Quote
    April 21, 2019Category D$2,949.00* (USD)Quote
    April 21, 2019Category C$3,149.00* (USD)Quote
    April 21, 2019Category B$3,349.00* (USD)Quote
    April 21, 2019Category A$3,549.00* (USD)Quote
    April 21, 2019Category AA$5,149.00* (USD)Quote
    April 21, 2019Category ES$8,449.00* (USD)Quote
    May 05, 2019Category F$3,549.00* (USD)Quote
    May 05, 2019Category E$3,649.00* (USD)Quote
    May 05, 2019Category D$3,849.00* (USD)Quote
    May 05, 2019Category C$4,049.00* (USD)Quote
    May 05, 2019Category B$4,249.00* (USD)Quote
    May 05, 2019Category A$4,449.00* (USD)Quote
    May 05, 2019Category AA$6,049.00* (USD)Quote
    May 05, 2019Category ES$9,149.00* (USD)Quote
    May 19, 2019Category F$3,549.00* (USD)Quote
    May 19, 2019Category E$3,649.00* (USD)Quote
    May 19, 2019Category D$3,849.00* (USD)Quote
    May 19, 2019Category C$4,049.00* (USD)Quote
    May 19, 2019Category B$4,249.00* (USD)Quote
    May 19, 2019Category A$4,449.00* (USD)Quote
    May 19, 2019Category AA$6,049.00* (USD)Quote
    May 19, 2019Category ES$9,149.00* (USD)Quote
    June 02, 2019Category F$3,349.00* (USD)Quote
    June 02, 2019Category E$3,449.00* (USD)Quote
    June 02, 2019Category D$3,649.00* (USD)Quote
    June 02, 2019Category C$3,849.00* (USD)Quote
    June 02, 2019Category B$4,049.00* (USD)Quote
    June 02, 2019Category A$4,249.00* (USD)Quote
    June 02, 2019Category AA$5,849.00* (USD)Quote
    June 02, 2019Category ES$8,949.00* (USD)Quote
    June 16, 2019Category F$3,349.00* (USD)Quote
    June 16, 2019Category E$3,449.00* (USD)Quote
    June 16, 2019Category D$3,649.00* (USD)Quote
    June 16, 2019Category C$3,849.00* (USD)Quote
    June 16, 2019Category B$4,049.00* (USD)Quote
    June 16, 2019Category A$4,249.00* (USD)Quote
    June 16, 2019Category AA$5,849.00* (USD)Quote
    June 16, 2019Category ES$8,949.00* (USD)Quote
    June 30, 2019Category F$3,349.00* (USD)Quote
    June 30, 2019Category E$3,449.00* (USD)Quote
    June 30, 2019Category D$3,649.00* (USD)Quote
    June 30, 2019Category C$3,849.00* (USD)Quote
    June 30, 2019Category B$4,049.00* (USD)Quote
    June 30, 2019Category A$4,249.00* (USD)Quote
    June 30, 2019Category AA$5,849.00* (USD)Quote
    June 30, 2019Category ES$8,949.00* (USD)Quote
    July 14, 2019Category F$3,149.00* (USD)Quote
    July 14, 2019Category E$3,249.00* (USD)Quote
    July 14, 2019Category D$3,449.00* (USD)Quote
    July 14, 2019Category C$3,649.00* (USD)Quote
    July 14, 2019Category B$3,849.00* (USD)Quote
    July 14, 2019Category A$4,049.00* (USD)Quote
    July 14, 2019Category AA$5,649.00* (USD)Quote
    July 14, 2019Category ES$8,749.00* (USD)Quote
    July 28, 2019Category F$3,149.00* (USD)Quote
    July 28, 2019Category E$3,249.00* (USD)Quote
    July 28, 2019Category D$3,449.00* (USD)Quote
    July 28, 2019Category C$3,649.00* (USD)Quote
    July 28, 2019Category B$3,849.00* (USD)Quote
    July 28, 2019Category A$4,049.00* (USD)Quote
    July 28, 2019Category AA$5,649.00* (USD)Quote
    July 28, 2019Category ES$8,749.00* (USD)Quote
    August 11, 2019Category F$3,149.00* (USD)Quote
    August 11, 2019Category E$3,249.00* (USD)Quote
    August 11, 2019Category D$3,449.00* (USD)Quote
    August 11, 2019Category C$3,649.00* (USD)Quote
    August 11, 2019Category B$3,849.00* (USD)Quote
    August 11, 2019Category A$4,049.00* (USD)Quote
    August 11, 2019Category AA$5,649.00* (USD)Quote
    August 11, 2019Category ES$8,749.00* (USD)Quote
    August 25, 2019Category F$3,149.00* (USD)Quote
    August 25, 2019Category E$3,249.00* (USD)Quote
    August 25, 2019Category D$3,449.00* (USD)Quote
    August 25, 2019Category C$3,649.00* (USD)Quote
    August 25, 2019Category B$3,849.00* (USD)Quote
    August 25, 2019Category A$4,049.00* (USD)Quote
    August 25, 2019Category AA$5,649.00* (USD)Quote
    August 25, 2019Category ES$8,749.00* (USD)Quote
    September 08, 2019Category F$3,649.00* (USD)Quote
    September 08, 2019Category E$3,749.00* (USD)Quote
    September 08, 2019Category D$3,949.00* (USD)Quote
    September 08, 2019Category C$4,149.00* (USD)Quote
    September 08, 2019Category B$4,349.00* (USD)Quote
    September 08, 2019Category A$4,549.00* (USD)Quote
    September 08, 2019Category AA$6,149.00* (USD)Quote
    September 08, 2019Category ES$9,249.00* (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2019Category F$3,649.00* (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2019Category E$3,749.00* (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2019Category D$3,949.00* (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2019Category C$4,149.00* (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2019Category B$4,349.00* (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2019Category A$4,549.00* (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2019Category AA$6,149.00* (USD)Quote
    September 22, 2019Category ES$9,249.00* (USD)Quote
    October 06, 2019Category F$2,949.00* (USD)Quote
    October 06, 2019Category E$3,049.00* (USD)Quote
    October 06, 2019Category D$3,249.00* (USD)Quote
    October 06, 2019Category C$3,449.00* (USD)Quote
    October 06, 2019Category B$3,649.00* (USD)Quote
    October 06, 2019Category A$3,849.00* (USD)Quote
    October 06, 2019Category AA$5,449.00* (USD)Quote
    October 06, 2019Category ES$8,549.00* (USD)Quote
    October 20, 2019Category F$2,949.00* (USD)Quote
    October 20, 2019Category E$3,049.00* (USD)Quote
    October 20, 2019Category D$3,249.00* (USD)Quote
    October 20, 2019Category C$3,449.00* (USD)Quote
    October 20, 2019Category B$3,649.00* (USD)Quote
    October 20, 2019Category A$3,849.00* (USD)Quote
    October 20, 2019Category AA$5,449.00* (USD)Quote
    October 20, 2019Category ES$8,549.00* (USD)Quote
    November 03, 2019Category F$2,249.00* (USD)Quote
    November 03, 2019Category E$2,299.00* (USD)Quote
    November 03, 2019Category D$2,399.00* (USD)Quote
    November 03, 2019Category C$2,599.00* (USD)Quote
    November 03, 2019Category B$2,649.00* (USD)Quote
    November 03, 2019Category A$2,749.00* (USD)Quote
    November 03, 2019Category AA$3,349.00* (USD)Quote
    November 03, 2019Category ES$5,249.00* (USD)Quote
    November 17, 2019Category F$1,999.00* (USD)Quote
    November 17, 2019Category E$2,049.00* (USD)Quote
    November 17, 2019Category D$2,149.00* (USD)Quote
    November 17, 2019Category C$2,349.00* (USD)Quote
    November 17, 2019Category B$2,399.00* (USD)Quote
    November 17, 2019Category A$2,499.00* (USD)Quote
    November 17, 2019Category AA$2,999.00* (USD)Quote
    November 17, 2019Category ES$4,999.00* (USD)Quote
    December 01, 2019Category F$2,549.00* (USD)Quote
    December 01, 2019Category E$2,599.00* (USD)Quote
    December 01, 2019Category D$2,699.00* (USD)Quote
    December 01, 2019Category C$2,899.00* (USD)Quote
    December 01, 2019Category B$2,949.00* (USD)Quote
    December 01, 2019Category A$3,049.00* (USD)Quote
    December 01, 2019Category AA$3,649.00* (USD)Quote
    December 01, 2019Category ES$5,549.00* (USD)Quote
    December 15, 2019Category F$2,549.00* (USD)Quote
    December 15, 2019Category E$2,599.00* (USD)Quote
    December 15, 2019Category D$2,699.00* (USD)Quote
    December 15, 2019Category C$2,899.00* (USD)Quote
    December 15, 2019Category B$2,949.00* (USD)Quote
    December 15, 2019Category A$3,049.00* (USD)Quote
    December 15, 2019Category AA$3,649.00* (USD)Quote
    December 15, 2019Category ES$5,549.00* (USD)Quote


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